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Information technology (IT) is now synonymous with the computer, talk TI then certainly related to computers. But apart from that, the computer and the community is a study of how the use of computers in various aspects of life in society (social computer), how computers influence, even establish a culture or a new trend. In this article, I try to discuss things related to computers and the health of society, namely the use of computers in the field of Public Health. For loans tips, you can see through
In the health field, the computer is very important. The use of computers in the health sector will not only benefit the users, but also by the organization, in this case such as hospitals, health centers, clinics, and others. These devices can indirectly help the human spirit.
Computers can be used from storage and processing of administrative data in a hospital or clinic, to do research in medicine, diagnosing diseases, finding the right medication, and analyzes of human organs is difficult to see inside.
The role of computers in the health sector are many and important. For example in the health sector role – the role include:
• Field of administration
With the advent of computers in the world are very helpful in the administration of storage, clustering, and data processing. Without the computer, it will be extremely difficult to check how much data – patient data, drug stocks, and data – other data owned by the hospital. But with the computer, check the data – patient data, stocks of medicines and hospital financial data also will be easy and practical to do. With the use of computers and the system – a sophisticated system in it so much easier course of a system in the hospital.
• Pharmaceutical Sector
In the field of drugs – drugs computer is also very important role in the pharmaceutical, eg for prescription and dosage is recording, and keep a record price of drugs – the drugs. In addition, with the advent of computers in the pharmaceutical field also helps to categorize the various drugs based on their usefulness.
• Diagnose a disease
Computers can be used to produce a better picture of the patient’s body. X-rays are traditional techniques to record a two-dimensional shadow of bones on the film. Computerized Axial Tomography, also known as a CAT scan, is a series of X-ray images of two dimensional coupled with a computer to obtain three-dimensional images.
With the DNA computer that has been specially designed in the health field to diagnose an illness not a difficult thing anymore, because by using the computer more quickly, easily and accurately to determine the name and type of disease.
• Monitoring the status of the patient
Patients who had come for the first time or treatment will be easily tracked. Data – personal data of patients are also easily seen. In addition, doctors and nurses can view the records check results, complaints and previous disease history that ever suffered by the patient, the date of arrival of the patient last treatment, prescription records ever given, and many more.
• Research
Scientific research is often done in the field of health is very dependent on the use of computers. The use of computers can maximize the results of research, because with a computer that can trace its research deeper and more detail. For example a study to detect bacteria or a new virus, the detection of DNA, and so forth.